Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paul's Paella

This recipe is one that's actually been in the house repertoire for a while since I clipped it out of Parade magazine way back in Oct. 2005 (the same month that Hackknife Jr. was born - you'd think I would have had better things to do at the time). Appropriate credit should be given to its author, a Mr. Paul Angelucci from Unicoi, TN. I don't believe that it's actually a true Spanish paella, which is typically prepared in giant wide pans on several stove burners or over an open fire, traditionally includes snails and saffron, and has a layer of toasted rice on the bottom of the pan, but, like chili, there are about a thousand different versions out there and no particular "standard" recipe. I prefer this version since it's relatively simple and the ingredients are all easy to come by (often times, we have most of them already on hand in the Commissary). For some reason, I had to cook the rice an extra 10 minutes since it was still somewhat toothsome and wet after the 20 minutes specified in the recipe.

Paul's Paella recipe

Most recently, I made this paella for Mrs. Hackknife's parents one Sunday evening when we had them over for our Ireland video watching party (yawn). I like to serve it with a good rustic bread, either something I can grab at the bakery or a homemade loaf like I make in the Dutch oven (although that requires some planning ahead obviously). Usually, we have a ton of leftovers, but this time, the family polished a pretty good chunk of it off.

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