Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crepe Town

Another Cubs night game, another new restaurant to try. I popped into a small storefront near the corner of Dakin and Sheridan (about 4 blocks from the ballpark) the other night to get some grub before first pitch. Crepe Town is almost across the street from TAC Quick Thai (reviewed in an earlier posting), but is much smaller and has a limited menu featuring breakfast, dessert, and savory crepes (hence the name) along with smoothies and drinks. The place was nearly deserted when I sat down to peruse their offerings and I was immediately drawn in by the dessert crepes (especially the banana split crepe); alas, I'm too proud to have sweets for dinner, so I selected the "Spice Up" crepe instead (filleted fried whitefish covered in a coconut curry sauce and basil). It ended up being quite good and filling, not too spicy, but not bland, either, sort of a Frenchman's take on the ol' fish taco. I didn't leave room for dessert, unfortunately, so I made a mental note to return some late night with Mrs. Hackknife for a little after-hours snack, hoping that they'll be playing the same note-perfect, Lite-FM versions of U2 songs that I found strangely appealing...

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