Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creole Spiced Salmon

I've found another version of salmon to add to the Commissary menu list, this one featuring a spicy rub and sides of basmati rice/greens dressed in oil and vinegar. The salmon recipe comes from Chef James Boyce at the Commerce Kitchen in Hunstville, AL and is ridiculously easy to make. There were a few spices called for in the rub (namely smoked paprika and garlic powder) that I had to track down, but otherwise, the ingredients are straightforward. Since Mrs. Hackknife was traveling and the progeny are not big salmon eaters, I ended up buying only about 1.25 lb. of fish instead of the 2 lb. listed in the recipe. Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust the amount of seasoning down to compensate for the smaller weight; as a result, the spice crust atop each piece of salmon was a little, shall we say, robust. Next time, I'll be more careful to use less rub if necessary (I suspect I could also reduce the amount of salt - 2 Tbsp, which is a lot - without anyone noticing). The recipe includes extra spice blend that you can refrigerate and use on other meats (I'm thinking pork, chicken, and other fish types, like tilapia). Note that my basmati rice needed about double the cooking time (around 35 minutes) instead of the 18 minutes cited, but the final product is very tasty: rich rice grains with a little texture to them from being toasted in butter prior to steaming.

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