Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pasta with Fried Peppers and Bread Crumbs

This recipe had been in my backlog folder for quite some time (since last March, to be exact). I finally got around to giving it a spin last week. Truth be told, the main reason I was excited was the opportunity to get rid of most of the dried guajillo peppers that have been hanging out in the pantry since I bought them for my Mexican pork dish (I think that one was cooked up last May). Anyway, there was a tiny bit of advanced prep involved, namely the use of a food processor to make bread crumbs from toasted country bread (I did this step the day before). All other aspects of the recipe came together quickly. When the time came to eat up, all of us here in the Commissary (Mrs. Hackknife, the progeny, and myself) were once again a little underwhelmed, which makes it the 3rd consecutive pasta dish that failed to hit the mark (apparently, I'm on something of a lousy streak at the moment). The toasted guajillos didn't really add much of anything to the final product, except a touch of heat and a touch of bitterness. I will say that the leftovers improved with a little age, especially when pouring some of the anchovy-infused oil from the tin on it for a flavor boost (i.e., see last pasta recipe). I think I may be taking a break from new pasta recipes for a little while...

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