Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miko's Italian Ice

On a recent greeter tour with some graduate students visiting from Toronto, we found ourselves making our way up Milwaukee Avenue (whose footprint is an old Native American trail that actually DID end up in Milwaukee at one point) from its starting point near Clinton Street, through West Town, Wicker Park, and Logan Square, at which point we made a slight deviation sotuhward. It was a warm July day and I'd gotten wind of a diminutive-yet-coveted Italian ice place on Sacramento Ave. called Miko's (3000 W. Lyndale) that sounded worth a stop. My guests and I arrived a little before the noon opening, so after killing a bit of time in nearby Palmer Square Park, we returned to the window to find some plastic lawn furniture set up on the sidewalk (no indoor seating here) and a marker board listing the day's available flavors (see photo above). I immediately gravitated to the banana with chocolate chips, which was lucious and refreshing, with the chips adding a nice textural element to the smooth and creamy banana. My Canadian friends also enjoyed their selections, a double shot of raspberry (regular and black, mixed together) and a mango, respectively (Is mango a thing now? I went to Walgreen's the other day to pick up a prescription and saw them specifically advertising mango as a new flavor selection for kids' medicine, which, I believe, does, in fact, make it a thing, following traditional thing rules). I don't have a large enough sample size to determine if Miko's has displaced Zarlengo's as my go-to Italian ice; however, I am perfectly willing to conduct more research here, possibly with Mrs. Hackknife and the progeny next time, to reach a suitable conclusion...

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