Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Padoka Brazilian Bakery

The monstrosity that you see above is an example of how Brazilians eat their hot dogs, at least back in the motherland. This version of the so-called Brazilian hot dog is actually two weiners that have been either boiled or steamed, then split lengthwise and cradled on a French roll along with ketchup, mayo, grated cheese, a smattering of kernel corn, and potatoes two ways (mashed and shoestring, presumably for a little added crunch). From the description, you wouldn't think that it'd work; yet, somehow, it does (boy, does it ever). Where, do you ask, can one find this masterpiece of gluttony outside of Sao Paulo or Recife? Why, Tampa has its very own Brazilian bakery to support the local diaspora, Padoka Bakery (8206 W. Waters, no website) on the northwest side of town. I first noticed Padoka while driving Hackknifette to/from her old preschool every day and vowed to check it out sometime. I am no longer regularly in the neighborhood, but did managed to pop in once to sample a few of the other house specialties, namely coxinha (a fried pastry filled with shredded chicken and vegetables), empada (similar to a chicken pot pie), and pao de queijo (little fried cheese balls that are popular breakfast items), before returning a second time for the storied hot dog.

By the way, the coconut flan isn't bad either, crowned with a trio of rum-soaked prunes to give the mellow custard a boozy boost. I can't say that I'd recommend the cashew fruit juice (which is an acquired taste, seeming to me like apple juice that's gone a bit rancid), but I'd definitely advise everyone in town to stop into Padoka for what's likely the most unique hot dog in the metro area...

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