Thursday, October 23, 2014

Smoked Fish Dip

I've discovered that, in Florida, smoked fish dip is a thing; that is, I'd never heard of it before becoming a resident of this fine state and quickly realized that almost every fish shack and seafood restaurant here has something like in on their menu. The history behind this dish is a little murky, but my suspicion is that it came about as a means for utilizing scrap pieces of fishing catch that would otherwise go to waste - you basically combine smoked fish meat with mayo, sour cream, and various spices to create a dip that goes on crackers, veggies, or whatever you happen to have on hand. I found the recipe I attempted at home on (the link is here); however, there are many others that I'm sure are just as good. The only smoked fish I could find at my local Publix was salmon (my recipe referenced whitefish), which makes for a dip that's a little on the rich side - next time, I'd seek out a leaner protein like whitefish or trout or (shudder) possibly even smoke my own fish to cut the fattiness; in any case, this is a tasty snack that screams "Florida!" for any out-of-town guests that happen to be around.

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