Thursday, April 30, 2015

Miso Butter-Glazed Salmon

Here at the Canteen, we're always seeking out variations on our tried and true recipe rotation; in this case, I was able to identify an alternative to the salmon with mustard sauce that shows up on the house menu approximately once a month. In the latest issue of my Food & Wine Magazine, Chef Jenn Louis (of Lincoln Restaurant fame in Portland, OR) contributed a quick and simple recipe for salmon filets roasted with a miso butter glaze and served with a radish salad. Chef Jenn's version uses red miso; however, I was able to substitute in blond miso (which I had on hand from my vegetable soup from a few months back), yielding an umami-pack spread when combined with softened Kerrygold Butter. After rubbing the filets with canola oil and dusting with salt/pepper, you apply a dollop of the glaze across the top and roast them in a 425F oven for about 15 minutes. The finished dish is a little on the rich side (I could probably cut back on the butter a bit and not miss out on anything), but still darn tasty - I didn't even bother making the radish salad or the sesame oil/rice vinegar dressing as radishes are not particularly popular in this household. I'm now on the lookout for further uses of the miso butter I've got left over (feel free to send any suggestions my way)...

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