Monday, June 27, 2016

Roasted Acorn Squash (The Refinery - Tampa)

The Canteen has officially been purchased and we need to vacate in a few short weeks, so Mrs. Hackknife and I are starting to make the rounds to our favorite Tampa Bay Area restaurants before heading up to New York in early August (at which point this blog will be rechristened "Hackknife Northeast"). The photo displayed above was taken this past Friday evening at one of said restaurants, Chef Greg Baker's flagship The Refinery, still one of the few places in town serving a new roster of fresh, inventive dishes almost every week (although I have to admit that the local culinary scene has definitely closed the gap on M. Baker in our 3 years here).  This particular plate, a wonderful combination of roasted acorn squash, quinoa, cilantro, aji peppers, grape tomatoes, and a couple daubs of sherry sabayon, was good to eat and even better to behold.  We wish Chef Greg continued success in all of his endeavors and hope his culinary empire someday expands beyond the environs of west-central Florida...

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