Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Walter's - Mamaroneck, NY

Here in Mamaroneck, we have our very own world-famous hot dog stand in the form of Walter's, housed in a Chinese pagoda on Palmer Avenue since 1928.  Founders Walter and Rose Warrington first began hawking their proprietary blend of beef-pork-veal sausages around town in 1919, settling on the now-iconic design of their new home a few years later in the hopes of attracting curious Westchester County drivers out for a spin in the horseless carriage.  Descendants of the family still own and operate the stand today.

The menu is sparse (mostly just hot dogs) and all seating is in the outdoor picnic area next to the structure.  I've passed by several times now since we arrived here and there almost always appears to be a line of patrons waiting to satisfy their fix.

Locals rave about the Walter's dog, which is split down the middle (something I've encountered more than once out East), grilled on the flattop in a secret butter-based sauce until browned, then topped with their own brown mustard (a mix of relish, Dijon, and unnamed spices, a bottle of which you can purchase for $4) and served on a toasted bun.  The now-defunct Gourmet Magazine went so far as to name Walter's as the top dog in the country back in 2001 and it still appears on many national best-of lists.  My opinion?  I'll take a fully-dressed, all-beef Chicago dog over this one any day, however, I can certainly see the appeal (especially with the mustard, which I'd like to have around the Chuckwagon for general use).

Other menu items range from tasty (funnel cake fries and potato puffs, which are like croquettes) to average (fries and curly fries).  Roadfood.com makes mention of the vintage chocolate malt powder dispenser for preparing milkshakes - I tried one last time out and was a bit disappointed that the old equipment didn't seem (to me, at least) to turn out a better malt.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to the warmer months again when the wife, kids, and I can head over to Walter's some summer evening and chow down on a grilled dog and milkshake in the picnic area...

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