Monday, January 9, 2017

Parachute - Chicago, IL

Mrs. Hackknife and I have been fans of the Korean-American cooking of Johnny Clark and Top Chef-alumnae Beverly Kim ever since their very brief residency at the now-shuttered Bonsoiree a few years back. The duo has since opened Parachute (3500 N. Elston Ave., Chicago), what they dubbed as their "last shot" restaurant at the time and which has garnered great acclaim among the food cognoscenti in Chicago (Michelin even awarded them a star in 2015). Since it's located only a 5-minute drive from the condo we usually rent for the holidays in Logan Square, we decided we should snag a reservation on our latest trip to Chicago. Although the space is small, noisy, and a bit on the trendy side, we brought the progeny with us because the chef-owners have a reputation for being very accommodating to smaller guests (indeed - each kid received a bento box-style metal tray filled with a delicious 4-course meal that would be the envy of school cafeterias everywhere).

A "collage" of vintage speakers along the side wall

The house specialty baked potato bing bread (contains scallions, cheddar cheese, and bacon) served with a slab of sour cream

Housemade kimchi, pickled spaghetti squash, and tofu with bonito flakes

Pork belly and mung bean pancake with fried egg

Dolsot bi bim bop with beef, maitake mushrooms, and smoked onions (crispy rice on the bottom)

Brussels sprout leaves with scallions

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