Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homemade Bread Recipe

As I sit down to write my first non-introductory posting, I try to draw upon all of the food-related thoughts and ideas I had for postings before I actually started this blog, the things that got me so excited in the first place to do this, and I finally come up with.....nothing. This crucial posting that is supposed to lure new readers in with sparkling commentary and entice them to follow along in the future instead of dismissing this whole venture as cat feces is, sadly, ridiculously underwhelming. To be frank, there really just wasn't anything culinary happening in the household today. We're stuck inside eating leftovers while Hackknife Jr. (my 4-year old) suffers through another cold (his 3rd already in 2010). No cooking, no new recipes, no new dining out plans, etc. Hopefully, I won't encounter a lot of these days; otherwise, this blog will be 6 feet under before the bagged salad in my crisper drawer turns brown.

Anyway, as a substitute for real commentary, I've decided to thrown in a link to my favorite (and, well, only) recipe for fresh bread, which I cribbed from a Men's Journal magazine: Bread Recipe. I've made this 4 times now and it's turned out to be pretty good and laughably simple, two things that are important when you're used to Wonder doing most of the bread making in the household. One item of note - scanning the reader comments on the MJ website, someone states that the amount of yeast listed in the recipe is actually a misprint (it should be 1/4 oz. or a whole yeast packet instead of 1/4 teaspoon), which, of course, completely escaped my baking-challenged mind. Could it be that this change will actually make the final product even better? I'll have to see next time...

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