Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Party Debrief/Fruit Salsa Recipe

Well, we all managed to survive Hackknifette's first birthday party on Saturday without any major mishaps, injuries, or broken household goods in spite of the 40-odd people crammed into our family room (although whoever managed to get chocolate cake frosting on the powder room grout, I am sincerely puzzled about your eating habits). After careful consideration, we opted to go with Parmesan's in Frankfort for our catering over our old standby (Portillo's), not because we are unhappy with Italian beef/sausage, but because Mrs. Hackknife wanted to go a little more upscale this year. This was a good choice as we got many compliments on the food, which included Chicken Francaise (basically chicken in cream sauce), Roast Pork Calvados w/apples (also in cream sauce), mostaccioli, sausage/peppers, and rolls. Everybody seemed full and happy, plus we ended up with a ton of leftovers that I am now trying to distribute amongst friends/family.

As far as food made by us, there was very little outside of a few appetizers. The biggest hit was the fruit salsa and chips. This was a happy accident - I originally found a recipe for salmon burgers w/warm fruit salsa in a Delicious Living magazine while waiting in the doctor's office (I rarely pass up an opportunity to bring strange recipes home) and decided to try it. The salmon burgers were pretty bad, but the salsa was surprisingly good with tortilla chips, so we gave it a go. I'll include a link to the recipe here, just be sure to ignore the salmon burger part of it Fruit Salsa Recipe. If you do try it, make sure you get the frozen sweetened strawberries (I'm not sure if there is an "unsweetened" variety, but I think it would make a difference).

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  1. There are frozen unsweetened strawberries....... They are generally the only kind I get as the sweetened kind is sometimes sweetened with things other than cane sugar.