Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Special Report - Death Dip Declared Fabulous

Ok, I was expecting to write about making short ribs in this post, but I've had a culinary epiphany that booted the ribs to the back burner. Whilst searching for a interesting appetizer recipe to make for UFC fight night at Kurt B.'s house this past Saturday, I stumbled across this one for Disappearing Buffalo Chicken Dip in the coupon section of the Sunday paper Dip Recipe. Now, I don't usually poach recipes from the paper (let alone ones from the coupons, which tend to feature such gastronomical wonder products as Campbell's Soup and Ritz Crackers), but this one looked good, had serious man-fight night appeal, and was practically idiot-proof, so I clipped it. It turned out to be a minor hit at the get-together - 3/4 of it was consumed between 4 guys and one spouse who lingered downstairs to say hi. I brought the remainder of it at home and heated some up for a lunch accompaniment yesterday. WOW!! Even better after having a few days to gel/decay in my fridge!! I enjoyed it so much that I had to finish the rest at lunch today, thus violating my in-house rule of not repeating meals on consecutive days (What can I say? I'm only human).

Now, mind you, this is not exactly health food - in fact, I shudder to think about the amount of fat/calories/cholesterol/sodium I've taken in over the past week as a result of this death dip, what with the whole cup of mayo and the two kinds of cheese (shredded cheddar and crumbled blue) and the Tyson pre-fab diced chicken and the 1/4 cup of hot sauce and even the leftover single slice of turkey bacon that I just had to throw in there so I could use it up (I feel so dirty). However, the sheer enjoyment far outweighed the number of days/weeks that I probably shaved off my lifespan (you know what they's not the years in your life, etc.). I'm already concocting a more guilt-free version (canola or olive oil-based mayo? reduced fat-cheddar? less hot sauce?) for the next appropriate event. Sublime....

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  1. It's not the hot sauce that is fattening.....don't cut the haot sauce. =P